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Seemaa S. Mar 17, 2017 482 views

What are the chances for a student abroad to get accepted to a Summer Undergraduate Research program?

I'm a US citizen studying abroad. I am studying biology, junior. I applied to programs in the states to do a summer program there and hopefully get the chance to so I can learn new research techniques, preparation for seminars, etc.. Thank you biology...


W. C. Y.’s Avatar
W. C. Y. Mar 21, 2017 522 views

Will it be hard for me to pursue a postgraduate degree which is not related to my major in undergraduate?

Hello! I would like to try out something new when I study for my postgraduate degree. Will it be hard for me to get admitted if I choose to study on a subject which is not related to my current major like Journalism or creative media? If I want to get admitted, is it better for me to prepare...


Elias B.’s Avatar
Elias B. May 20 146 views

What does it take to graduate with a Masters Degree majoring in Business?

I plan on attending college when I return from the navy but I still haven't decided on whether what school I should attend or even which major I should choose. business-analysis...


Jessica M.’s Avatar
Jessica M. May 24 130 views

What is a typical day as a journalist?

I am doing this career blog project and I need some insight into what's it like on a day to day basis as a journalist journalism...


Kayelin G.’s Avatar
Kayelin G. Jun 24 130 views

Can I find a job in the performing arts?

I like the performing arts and I love journalism. I always wanted to start my own business as well. broadcast-media...