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How would you find a job from studying the field of English?

Is there any other career than something like a teacher? I've heard from other people that I handle things where I have to teach people pretty well but I'm not sure if that is what I want to pursue.
I would maybe like to go into the field of journalism , but I find finding resources in my community to be difficult and confusing.

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4 answers

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Brandon’s Answer

With an English degree there are positions that are open that are not just teaching or journalism. Some of the more popular occupations are copywriting, editors, teachers, and one of the bigger ones that has growing which is content writing/blogging. These are some of the occupations that some people generally look at when it comes to getting an English degree. Some people try to have a side job that involves freelance services that has been growing in popularity. When it comes to freelancing I find that people look for content writing and social media blogging as some of the bigger occupations.
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Angélica’s Answer

College English classes teach key skills that translate well across several industries and careers -- effective communication, analytical thinking, and persuasive writing are a few of the skills that English majors develop through their studies. Although I majored in Rhetoric and Writing, my degree was housed in the same department as English, and shared similar coursework. Everyone I knew outside of school assumed I would become a teacher or go to law school, but I actually ended up pursuing a role as a technical writer. I recommend finding an industry that interests you, and thinking about how skills like writing, communication, and analytical thinking might translate to a job in that industry.

If you've been told that you're good at teaching, that's probably because you have strong communication skills and empathy. These skills will allow you to succeed in any career you decide to pursue.

If journalism interests you, I highly recommend working at your school's newspaper. Many journalists get their start at college newspapers, and this is a really great space to build relationships that will help you land an internship/fellowship/full time job. Even if you decide that you don't want to become a journalist full time, this is a great space to improve your writing and make friends.

Good luck!
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Priscilla’s Answer

There are several occupations to pursue with an English degree.

I worked in advertising as a copywriter at ad agencies and with in-house advertising departments as a creative director. I worked in a variety of businesses writing marketing strategic plans. I also worked in public affairs in crisis management and outreach.

In addition, you can also continue your education in law, and work in the legal field as a paralegal or an attorney.

Working in the media is an additional niche that you may choose. Digital media experts, journalists and editors are all careers that need writers.

Book publishers as well as the television and film industries employ writers in various capacities. If you’re creative, you may follow that direction.

With all of these options, it would behoove you to pursue a graduate degree.
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Cedric Castille-’s Answer

I understand that it can be difficult and confusing trying to figure out what to do within a particular field such as journalism. One thing that I have found that works is Linkedin. If you have a Linkedin account you can look at other people who have Journalism degrees and take a look at their career paths, see what they are doing, what companies they work for and what their job titles are. I think that would be a great starting place for you..