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How do I find more scholarships for College?

I am in Nursing school currently and am looking for ways to find more scholarships that I could possibly win. I have had a rough childhood and I am the first i my family to go to college. I am wondering how to find the right sites or keywords on ways to find scholarships that I could apply to.

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2 answers

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Cathleen’s Answer

Hi Ashley,

Though not in nursing, I have a few search suggestions including some unexpected potential scholarship sources I found during my prior personal research:
1. When I searched 'at risk' and/or 'homeless' scholarships the following site appeared which references a few other sources - http://www.collegescholarships.org/risk.htm,try Googling the different terms you used for more results
2. Search for scholarships from your county / city / state
3. Search for program-specific scholarships for Nursing
4. Search specific schools for scholarships they have available
5. Search hospitals for scholarships they offer
6. Boys and Girls Club, YMCA, other youth organizations
7. Search two-year schools as well as four-year schools. You may be able to get help with an A.S. degree, then transfer to finish a four-year program
8. Look for professional associations for Nursing and whether they offer any scholarships
9. Search other counties/cities/states that may have a nursing shortage (try 'nursing shortage' and 'scholarship' in a search)
10. Your local church
Each search can potentially lead you to another option that may help, so keep digging, plus talk with counselors at schools you are interested in.
Wishing you the best,

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Frank’s Answer

Hi Ashley, check out the scholarship search capability at http://www.chegg.com/scholarships! It's free to use and if you register for a free logon to the site, you can provide more profile information for better search results and apply for many scholarships on-line, too!