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Jamie Weare

Computer and Mathematical Occupations
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Nohealani May 12, 2016 1330 views

What career should I pursue?

I love to since, dance, and play music. What are some potential careers I could do?
#singer #music #dance #art #performing #performing-arts #career #college

Cassandra’s Avatar
Cassandra Jan 17, 2018 728 views

What is the hardest part about being a nurse while being married to an Army man?

I am trying to prepare to be the best nurse and wife possible. I know that the Army will move us frequently and take him away often. #armystrong #registerednurse

Violeta’s Avatar
Violeta May 24, 2018 726 views

What are the top 10 university with music programs in California, if possible Southern California?

#musiceducation #music #education #california #college #choosing-a-college

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Olivia Jan 13, 2018 664 views

How do I get my foot in the door in the theatre world?

#theatre #musical-theatre

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Nicholas Jan 16, 2018 620 views

What experience or insight should I have as trying to become a music major?

Currently I am trying to pursue either Music Therapy or Music Education as a major and just wanted to know some basics behind what skills or things I should have prior. #music #musician #college #professional #skills

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Mrigakshi Sep 20, 2018 701 views

What should I possess if I'm interested in entertainment and music industry?

Hello! I'm Mrigakshi from India. I am a science student of 12th grade. Before choosing I was interested in medical science but when I realized that I am not made for medical science I want to work in an entertainment and music industry. Even though before choosing my stream I was into medical...

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Brenan Jul 19, 2018 695 views

what is the best way to get in screen writing and directing?

#films #television #music

Aedan’s Avatar
Aedan Jan 11, 2018 697 views

What are some good theater schools on the west side of America?

I am currently a freshman in High school and I'm very interested in the Performing Arts. I have been in several plays and musicals in the past three years and am wondering if there are interesting and fun theater schools near me! I am also wondering if those schools offer scholarships. #theatre...

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Adrian Apr 19, 2018 871 views

What is the best way to pay for college without a credit-worthy cosigner?

I am a sophomore in college, and I am just curious on the best way to pay for college. I am a theatre major, and I don't have a cosigner who has good enough credit. I am really looking for advice on scholarships/grants/etc.. Anything helps! #college #college-major #college-jobs...