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What should I possess if I'm interested in entertainment and music industry?

Hello! I'm Mrigakshi from India. I am a science student of 12th grade. Before choosing I was interested in medical science but when I realized that I am not made for medical science I want to work in an entertainment and music industry. Even though before choosing my stream I was into medical but from childhood onwards I was and I am into music and Entertainment.I can even sing songs in high and low notes.
So what should I do now? I'm really in the need of advice of someone since my parents don't understand it.
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4 answers

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Veijay Bhaaskar’s Answer

Hello Mrigakshi, glad to know you are interested in entertainment and music. Both are very broad topics.
As a starter, find a way to double-check if you are interested in putting yourself out there in either entertainment or music. For example, find a nearby place where you can listen to live music, anything from a simple restaurant to a music live show, and spend time before and after the show. Understand the whole process, talk to any one of the singers or instrument players about their journey. You don't need to find a very popular person or place, just go to something close to where you live and any simple person performing will be happy talking to you before or after the show

The idea of meeting and talking to people who entertain, or related to music singers/performers is to know the whole process. As an audience we only see the outcome, we may get attracted to the outcome, without knowing all the elements of what is involved to get there. Like hours of hard training, putting yourself out on stage, and loving the feeling. let me tell you that it is a very hard and grueling process and if like it then you can stick with it. While you explore the process, continue your education, as a basic degree is handy in any career, entertainment and music included

The avenues are National School of Drama, there is one in Bangalore Also there is a very famous and popular Rahmas music institute in Chennai called Km Music conservatory. All the very best.

The key is going to be familiarizing yourself with all the elements of what it takes to be a performer on stage, living thru that experience few times, for this, you don't need to be one, Just talk to performers and also get on stage just as an assistant, setting up equipment, and attend some live shows.
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Kaustubh’s Answer

Hi Mrigakshi!

The music and entertainment industry, just like any other industry, is highly competitive, and as unique and talented as you may believe yourself to be, the truth is there is a lot of talent everywhere. My intention is not to discourage you, but just to give you some perspective.

First off, I'm a musician myself too! And I have always wanted to be a full time musician too, so I've spoken and interacted with quite a few people in the music and entertainment industry. I have found that is very difficult to sustain yourself solely through music(live or studio), unless you have a big name(which takes a lot of time to build). A majority of musicians either have separate (non-music related) full time jobs, or they teach music, or do sound-engineering, in order to have a constant flow of income. So to summarise this point, it isn't advisable to consider music as a full time career option at the beginning itself.

Another thing I would advise you to do is to attend concerts and gigs, in order to get a feel of the music scene in the city, and to meet new people. Follow musicians and local bands on Instagram and try to build your network and find like minded people, and kick start your musical journey by starting a music project of your own! And also, dedicate a good chunk of your time to develop your own musical skills, either by joining a class or by practicing, in order to improve your singing skills. So try to create music, and work on developing a unique sound, and start uploading songs or videos on social media like Instagram and Youtube, as social media is one of the biggest platforms to build and connect to your audience, and to find other artists to collaborate with nowadays.

Everything I have said so far is easier said than done, but I feel these should give you a pretty good idea on how to get started with your musical journey. The best way to go (according to me) is to develop this musical passion of yours as a hobby, while working on your main academic line of study, because at the end of the day you need a sustainable job with a decent income. Hopefully over time, your band/act may become very popular, and maybe at that stage you could consider music as a full time career option.

All the best :)
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Jamie’s Answer

Hi! So glad that you’re interested in music. Music speaks from and to the soul. Here’s some helpful info.

First of all, follow your heart. It will always guide you. Next, I suggest going to school to gain more education and experience. Both my brother and sister have gone to school and are both working in their field chosen field. Here are the steps they took.

In Hollywood, CA, there is a school that focuses on everything in the business. From set production to choreography, this school will help you obtain your Bachelors of Fine Arts and furthermore, help you find work. They have dorms on site and if the dorms are full, they have contracts with local apartment buildings so you will have a place to stay if needed. The school is called AMDA. (

The school does have some scholarship programs. This is definitely a good step to take to get into the business.

Best of luck to you!

Jamie recommends the following next steps:

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S’s Answer


Firstly glad to hear that you are aware of your interests and are working towards achieving your goal.

To be in music industry, firstly you need to have talent and should be pursuing it to follow your heart and not just for fame or money.
Once you have established this you can start off with some serious practice time, engage with other musicians and if possible get into a band.

Many places in India offers platform for budding musicians so try to get a chance to perform at such places and this will build your audience base.
Online channels and videos also help to a great extent in building the audience base.

You can also take up classes and course in parallel to boost up your career.
But remember one thing to always have a back up. You need to be able to sustain while your music career picks up. Always have a way to earn while you work in parallel towards your music career.

All the best!!