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Aedan Jan 13, 2018 849 views

What is a theater college like?

I ask this because I had no idea what it was going to be like going into high school knowing no one. The high school I went to for Freshmen year was a school the was for 6-12 grade so most people in my classes knew each other. I was lucky to go to a theater school so almost everyone was nice. I...

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Aedan Jan 11, 2018 695 views

What are some good theater schools on the west side of America?

I am currently a freshman in High school and I'm very interested in the Performing Arts. I have been in several plays and musicals in the past three years and am wondering if there are interesting and fun theater schools near me! I am also wondering if those schools offer scholarships. #theatre...

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Aedan Jan 11, 2018 730 views

What classes should I take to study Philosophy?

I am a freshman in High school and was wondering what would be good classes to take in high school and in college to become a Philosopher? I have been interested in asking questions about life and the world around us, and was wondering if there is certain classes to take for this. #philosophy...