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What colleges best support the performing arts? Please help!!!

I am a 10th grade student in Boston that has a lot of different talents that connect to the music industry. I sing, dance, and act, but I don't know what college I want to go to. It must have courses in the arts! #singing #actress #dancing #performing

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1 answer

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Chloebaker’s Answer

That depends a lot on the type of performing arts you're interested in.

If you interested in acting, some of the top program are:
- American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco

- The Actor's STudio at Pace University, in New York

- California Institute of the Arts School of Theater (CalArts)

- Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburg

If you're interested in dance, some programs to look into are:

- Juiliard

- State University of New York, Purchase

- NYU's Tisch School of the Arts

- Fordham University's program with the Ailey school

- Indiana University at Butler

If you're interested in voice, the options are very different for classical vs. popular music. Some programs for popular music include:

- University of Southern California in Los Angeles

- Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (more for jazz)

- Keep in mind that some vocal departments are located in music departments and others are in theater departments