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How to think of good lyrics for your first song ever?

I asked this question because i wanna get noticed by my own work and i want to make sure my songs help people and inspire them to do what they like doing the most. music singing dancing model

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4 answers

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Conrad’s Answer

There is a great course on Coursera with Berklee College of Music on Lyric Writing. I highly recommend it.

A good guideline is to write about what you know. What is interesting about lyrics may not be the actual topic you are writing about, but your unique perspective on that topic. It's our unique perspective that can make art, and lyrics, interesting to other people.

There are many topics around you at this very moment that are waiting to be explored with your unique perspective. The major mistake that's made in lyric writing is that people try to write about too many topics at once or they write about topics in a generic way trying to appeal to everyone. Write your perspective and be very clear.

The Coursera class above will give you examples of how to approach rhymes in different ways and how to identify different types of rhyme types for different uses. Will also explore different approaches to how lyrics can be expressed melodically.

The normal starting approach is that writers will just think of lyrics off the top of their head. Problem with this can be that you default to obvious rhyme types that can box in your lyrics. An approach to offset this is to create your core idea words and then look for similar words that spark new ideas - then branch off into different rhyme types - basically brainstorming for anything related to your central topic.

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Roberto’s Answer

Feel in something that you love, then write any words that come with it, keep writing ...
Then , follow your 6-8 bars structure, continue writing with the same approach.
When you finish , you will realize what part is a-b-c-d- , bridge, chorus etc.
Then come back to the song and sing it in the for that you have chosen.
Write everything and have your eraser with you!
Rhymes , phrases will come together with a message!!

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Bravin’s Answer

That is great it is a wonderful approach...u can start by listening to inspirational speakers to draw out the main topics which you can use in drafting your songs.

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Tracy’s Answer

If your focus is fame, focus on how to get famous. If you love writing songs, don't care about what anyone thinks and write what you love! that's always the way to true success.