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What is a "day in the life" of someone working in the Sports Marketing or Sports Management field?

I really enjoy watching and playing sports, and I'm also interested in studying business. I think that Sports Management and Sports marketing sound like really awesome careers that would combine both of these interests. However, I'm not sure what a typical day looks like for these careers, and what common tasks are for day to day work. #sports #sports-management #entertainment #sports-marketing #entertainment-industry

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3 answers

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Jon’s Answer

For me personally, one of the best parts about the sports business is that there isn’t really a “typical day”. Every day is different, every day is dynamic. In the sport in which I work which is an annual, week-long, outdoor event, the work can be cyclical based on the time of the year, but no two days are ever the same. Sometimes we are working on marketing and sales, sometimes operations and volunteers, and sometimes we’re reacting as conditions change in real time (think weather!). To be successful in the Sports Industry you have to find energy in the fast-paced, constantly changing environment which it creates.

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Michael’s Answer

It’s a great profession with great access that offers incredible experiences. But I often say that you want the job you “think” I have and not the job I “actually” have.

I work for a major corporation and have the responsibility for managing investments that the company makes in sports. Having the background and understanding for contract management, ensuring benefits that will be used are included and are purchased at a fair price is a requirement. I have the privilege of working with many talented people everyday and meeting and developing friendships with some of the smartest thought leaders in the business.

Responsibilities include contracting, strategy development, marketing and branding, experiential, hospitality and customer hosting, athlete management and integration, social and digital, TV broadcast integration and ALWAYS measurement. You can’t improve what you don’t measure.

Once an agreement is signed then it’s our responsibility to take advantage of the benefits that we purchased and market our company to the fans of the particular property. Sponsorship is a marketing tool that allows a brand to tap into fan passion that someone has with a particular team and borrow that shared equity to create marketing programs and develop brand affinity for our company.

Creating a connection between our brand and a sports property can be done through TV advertising, social and digital programs, integrations within a broadcast to showcase a particular product or service as well as building actual spaces at a facility where fans can interact with our products and services in a unique branded experience (experiential marketing).

Sports marketing is a foundation for building a partnership between a brand and a sports property. That partnership allows for business opportunities to sell products and services to the sports team themselves, create marketing campaigns that others can’t as a non-sponsor, host current and prospective customers with exclusive access and experiences and the goal is always to celebrate success on the field and transfer that to success in our business.

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Alex..Alejandro’s Answer

It is all about creating relationships, learning and hard work.