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What types of jobs are common for people working in the sports management or sports marketing industries?

I've always been interested in sports management and sports marketing because of my interest in sports and business. However, I'm not familiar with what kind of careers are available in these industries. #sports-management #sports-marketing #entertainment-industry

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Chrissy’s Answer

The best part about a degree in Sport Management is that it is really broad. You could work in professional sports, sports media, non-profit, recreational, etc. First, figure out which area of sport management interests you- is it sales? production? media? operations? journalism? That will help you pinpoint which area you should lean towards. Another thing to keep in mind is what kind of hours you want to work, the different areas of sport management require a different time commitment and are busy at different times during the year. The great part about the field is that the opportunities are endless, and there is a role for everyone! Find what you are passionate about and then network with people in the role. Learning the steps they took to get to the job will help you find your path.