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What is it like to manage a professional sports organization? What are some of the responsibilities and most difficult tasks?

I am looking to major in Sports Management next year and would like to learn as much as possible before heading off to college. sports-management sports-marketing

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2 answers

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Chris’s Answer

As the leader of a professional sports organization, being able to navigate the efforts of all departments is important. There are people in place in every department who are focused on the specific initiatives of that area - but it is up to the leader to continue to help foster collaboration while empowering your department leaders to drive the projects forward.

One thing I try to do is have a base level knowledge on the different areas, and seek to learn from my department leaders. Ask questions, make sure people are viewing things from the right lens. I won't be the expert across every area of our company, but I can instill the proper framework and philosophy to make sure we are operating at a high level.
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Jessé’s Answer

The Manager is a leader. Your primary goal is encouraje your team for sucess.