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What are some good majors to be interested in when wanting to achieve the career of a Sports Broadcaster Entertainer

I am interested in being one and would like to know what to take in college sports-management sports-marketing

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3 answers

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Candace’s Answer

Look not only into majors, but also into school programs. Syracuse and Ithaca College for instance have very strong media schools and a strong network of alumni. But any major like sports media, journalism or television and radio are good ones to choose. Make sure to also get involved in your school newspaper, television or radio station! This is crucial for getting you the experience you need in the field before you graduate.

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Kim’s Answer

Broadcast communications, Journalism and Communications are the best majors if you want to go into a career in Sports Broadcasting.

Your writing and speaking courses will lay a good foundation for any on air jobs.  A minor in SportsManagement is another idea.  It can give you the sports industry background.  Even though you can make a decision on your major, it is very important to get hands on experience as a broadcaster.  Make sure that the college you plan to attend has a good broadcast communication facility with studio and control rooms.  This will give you a chance to practice your skills in a hands on environment.  These schools will do daily shows for the school.  Also make sure you get use internship experience to get a chance to work in a local environment.  This is the experience that employees are looking for on your resume.  Starting in a local market is the first step to a job in sports broadcasting before landing a job at a major network.

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Wael’s Answer

The link below has the answer for your question.