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Ramon’s Avatar
Ramon May 15, 2016 1863 views

What are the differences between a club and an intramural sport in regards to their social aspects?

I've heard that a person can meet just as many people through both a club or an intramural sport. But which of these two would result in better recommendations concerning job possibilities, personal connections, etc. (question is directed towards college clubs and intramural sports) #counselor...

Marlee’s Avatar
Marlee Dec 14, 2016 1196 views

What degrees should I get to be a sports medicine therapist?

I want to rehabilitate athletes but I do not know what degrees I need to become liscenced. #sports #physical-therapy #athletic-training #exercise

Peyton’s Avatar
Peyton May 11, 2016 941 views

Where would a good country to study abroad be for a career in sports, specifically sports law?

I will be studying abroad at least twice during my college career and would like to go somewhere that would benefit my sports studies #business #law #sports #study-abroad #sports-law

Francis’s Avatar
Francis May 20, 2016 906 views

What subjects do you feel are the most imortant when looking to pursue a career in sports marketing or sports management?

The university I am going to attend does not specifically offer a major in Sports Management. I will be majoring in Business Management/Marketing.
I want to take advantage of any courses that you feel are 100% necessary to help me be successful in my career. #business #management #sports

Terran ’s Avatar
Terran Aug 23, 2016 1186 views

What does it take to be a successful and productive college student?

I'm preparing for college and I'm just curious about what challenges college throws at you. How can these challenges be avoided. #career-counseling #college-bound #mentoring #academic-advising

Zachyre’s Avatar
Zachyre Aug 15, 2016 852 views

What are some good majors to be interested in when wanting to achieve the career of a Sports Broadcaster Entertainer

I am interested in being one and would like to know what to take in college #sports-management #sports-marketing

Garrett’s Avatar
Garrett Aug 22, 2016 1027 views

What's the number one thing employers in the sports industry look for in potential employees?

Interested in possibly pursuing a job in the sports industry and know it's a hard field to succeed in quickly. #sports #sports-agent #employer #sports-industry #sports-executive

Kiana’s Avatar
Kiana Aug 22, 2016 1269 views

Do sports advertisements target audiences that are not into sports/fitness?

I am wondering if sports advertisements consider audiences outside of their ideal agenda to increase sales and views, but how would they do this? #sports #health #marketing-and-advertising #fitness #publicity

Suzanne’s Avatar
Suzanne May 26, 2016 1842 views

What setting would be the best for me to work in as a physical therapist?

I am about to start college this upcoming fall, and since physical therapy requires a doctorate degree, I have awhile until I am done with school. Although I have some time, I like to think ahead, and I am unsure which setting would best suit me in the field of physical therapy. I have the...

Jordan’s Avatar
Jordan May 18, 2016 859 views

What should be some steps I should have to take to get closer to accomplishing my dream of becoming a Sports Analyst for a major company ?

I am currently a junior in high school and I want to become a sports analyst when I grow up. I am interested in majoring in a college that has a very prestige journalism program. I Love sports and would love to further my career and future involving something sports related. #career #sports...

Victor’s Avatar
Victor May 18, 2016 969 views

What are some colleges that are very good for students aspiring to be sports agents.

I have aspirations to become a sports agent.
#sports-management #sports-marketing #sports-agent #sports-law

Victor’s Avatar
Victor May 18, 2016 1229 views

What is the preferred major a student should take if they want to be a sports agent

I am asking this question because I have aspirations of becoming a sports agent. #sports-management #sports-marketing #sports-agent #sports-law

Ter’s Avatar
Ter May 18, 2016 1307 views

What is a good amount of time to work during my freshman year in college?

I don't want to be overwhelmed, especially as a full time student. Is fifteen hours to much? #college #college-jobs

Mariah’s Avatar
Mariah May 18, 2016 829 views

As a student athlete going into engineering do I have an advantage over other applicants when it comes to a career/post college job?

I'm a girl who is going to play soccer in college and major in engineering, probably mechanical! #engineer #sports

Paulina’s Avatar
Paulina Apr 12, 2016 1436 views

how much does a pro tennis player get paid per year?

I want a job that i enjoy and that has travel benefits. i think if i pursue my dream of become a pro tennis player maybe those wishes will be fulfilled. However, this question is one i am curious about. #career #sports #athletics #success #tennis