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Career Questions tagged Sports Law

Victor’s Avatar
Victor May 25, 2016 717 views

Is Concordia University of Chicago's sports management program a good one for aspiring sports agents?

I ask this question because I have aspirations of becoming a sports agent. #sports-management #sports-marketing #sports-agent #sports-law

Floyd’s Avatar
Floyd May 24, 2016 514 views

As a Sports Attorney is it similar to other attorneys where you can only practice where you have taken the Bar exam? and can I represent people from other areas of the world?

I am curious to know how this the sports law arena operates #law #sports-law

Victor’s Avatar
Victor May 18, 2016 947 views

What is the preferred major a student should take if they want to be a sports agent

I am asking this question because I have aspirations of becoming a sports agent. #sports-management #sports-marketing #sports-agent #sports-law

Victor’s Avatar
Victor May 18, 2016 717 views

What are some colleges that are very good for students aspiring to be sports agents.

I have aspirations to become a sports agent.
#sports-management #sports-marketing #sports-agent #sports-law

Peyton’s Avatar
Peyton May 11, 2016 742 views

Where would a good country to study abroad be for a career in sports, specifically sports law?

I will be studying abroad at least twice during my college career and would like to go somewhere that would benefit my sports studies #business #law #sports #study-abroad #sports-law

Peyton’s Avatar
Peyton May 11, 2016 842 views

What is the best major if wanting to pursue a career in sports law?

I would like to be in the field of sports law but am unsure of what to major in. #business #law #sports #sports-law

Student’s Avatar
Student Jul 04, 2015 1082 views

I want to be something in the athletic field and im having a hard time figuring out so can you give me sone ideas

I'm about to graduate and I really need help!!!!
#management #sports #sports-management #athletic-training #athletics #sports-law

Luke’s Avatar
Luke Apr 09, 2015 1054 views

How hard is it to work for a professional sports team?

I have liked sports my whole life and know a lot about it. #masters #manager #professional-sports #bachelor #sports-law

Trevor’s Avatar
Trevor Apr 01, 2015 909 views

How many years of college courses would I have to take to become a Game Warden?

I am interested in college. I want to go to college to learn more about becoming a Game Warden. #law #police #hunting #sports-law #nature-conservation #fishery

Trevor’s Avatar
Trevor Apr 01, 2015 4109 views

What type of jobs are available for Game Wardens?

I want to learn about the types of duty's that I will be doing as a Game Warden. #police #hunting #sports-law #nature #ranger #trap-shooting

Q’s Avatar
Q Mar 17, 2015 1310 views

A lot of the times most athletes are drafted directly after high school so that means no college degree. Are they required to go to finish school or are they the exception? & whats the degree they have to pursue and how long since they're experienced?

I am a student at Amistad High School in New Haven, CT I'm current researching a potential career I'm interested in and had some follow up questions. #sports #athletic-training #sports-agent #sports-law #athletic #athletes