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What type of jobs are available for Game Wardens?

I want to learn about the types of duty's that I will be doing as a Game Warden. #police #hunting #sports-law #nature #ranger #trap-shooting

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1 answer

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Robert’s Answer

Hey Trevor,

Every day is different! Depending on the organization and the area you work in you will find that it is very diverse. Some agencies are very specialized and some are general. Some wardens do a large amount of wildlife management activities and others do mostly law enforcement.

Wardens can be assigned to a rural environment or be in a big city. Wherever you live there will be some sort of environmental protection agency there. W could be called game wardens, conservation officers, environmental police, etc. Those are the "official" names, some folks call us a bit more colorful things!

Even within a particular agency there is a variety of assignments. Here in California, you could be assigned to the mountains, the beach, near a lake, or you might have them all and you can decide which one you want to work each day.

We also have 4X4 trucks, quads, big boats, small boats, air boats, airplanes, helicopters, snowmobiles, horses, K-9's, the list goes on!

So while there is no typical day, the main focus of the majority of agencies is to enforce environmental crimes.

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Thank you comment icon Thank you. I enjoy reading your email, and appreciate that you emailed me back. With all the info that you have given me is great. thanks again and stay safe out there! Trevor
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