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game warden

Asked Ocklawaha, Florida

What kind of benefits could I get as a game warden? #police #wildlife-biology #hunting #fishing #wildlife #ranger

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Joe’s Answer

Updated Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Hello, Sorry not an expert in this area, but you can check out the following link. Benefits will likely be based on your geography. http://work.chron.com/benefits-fish-game-warden-17015.html

Benefits Game wardens receive many of the benefits afforded workers in all industries, plus a few more that are slowly disappearing or costing large amounts in other workplaces. However, specifics vary by jurisdiction. They receive paid holidays, vacation time, sick leave and overtime allowances. The state may pay for part or all of health, dental and vision benefits for game wardens and their families. Most agencies pay for a college degree related to the profession, and assign the warden several pieces of equipment, including a 4x4 vehicle, watercraft, computer, phone, digital camera and global positioning system. After working for a specified period of time and then retiring from the profession, wardens receive a pension that may combine both government-granted and contributory income.

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