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What is the best major if wanting to pursue a career in sports law?

I would like to be in the field of sports law but am unsure of what to major in. #business #law #sports #sports-law

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Hi Peyton, I majored in Sports Management as an undergraduate. It has served me well, but there are a million paths you can take. My advice is to pursue a major that plays to your strengths. Maybe business, finance, exercise physiology, or English is better for you. Don't try to fit a square peg in a round hole.

For example, if you know you want to attend law school no matter what then you MUST have strong writing skills, so English would be a wise choice. Public policy or philosophy are also popular pre-law majors. Journalism is a good middle ground.

If your writing and grammar skills are strong, maybe you should focus on building up your sports-related skills. My undergrad's Kinesiology school had sports management and exercise physiology programs. Other schools have entertainment management and event management programs. I think these work equally well because down the road employers will see your dedication to the sports and entertainment field on your resume. This does not always help but it might.

My point is that there are two parts to the equation: sports, and law. It's ok to piece them together separately. Do what you think will work best for you. Many sports lawyers do not have sports-related bachelor's degrees - they make their way into sports later. But I guess if everything else is equal, then start carving out your path early like I did and go with something like sports management.

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