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Sergio Apr 13, 2016 1018 views

What do Basketball scouts focus more in a basketball player ?

Because I want to play basketball in college. #sports #basketball

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Treshaun May 06, 2016 948 views

What is the best career field that can make me wealthy fast ?

Because... #sports #money #salary

Peyton’s Avatar
Peyton May 11, 2016 1685 views

What is the best major if wanting to pursue a career in sports law?

I would like to be in the field of sports law but am unsure of what to major in. #business #law #sports #sports-law

Rfernandez13NFTEBOSS’s Avatar
Rfernandez13NFTEBOSS Jan 19, 2012 2555 views

how to become a professional baseball player

I am 17 years old, I am a junior in high school and I have played varsity baseball since my freshmen year. I was wondering, Is it easier to become a pro baseball player if I go to a junior college instead of a four year? #sports #baseball

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Ignacio Mar 05, 2014 1911 views

What exactly is Sports Psychology?

I've always done sports growing up. Trying out and competing new in sports has never phased me negatively to the point of distress or disorder. Many of my role model athletes such as Mike Tyson have fallen under psychological issues that lead to their downfalls. I am a part of a health &...

Danny’s Avatar
Danny May 06, 2014 2236 views

How do you become a professional soccer player.

I'm asking this because i like soccer and i wanna become pro. #sports #football #soccer

Tre’s Avatar
Tre May 13, 2016 1079 views

What is the best college to attend to play football.

When i grow up I want to be a professional football player. I also want to go to school when I grow up but Im not sure what for yet. #sports #football #coaching-football

Nathan’s Avatar
Nathan Feb 03, 2017 796 views

Are there any specific school's I should attend if I'm interested in becoming a sport's coach?

I was wondering if any specific school's were known as being better for coaching. #sports #coaching