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Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Within 40 mile radius
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Ahmed Feb 15 369 views

How do I get a sponsor to fund my conditional intensive English and university studies ?

Ways to get a funding sponsor for the study

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Larry Jun 08, 2023 219 views

Life free of Conflict?

Why are there jobs? What if everyone became a farmer and supported themselves and avoided conflict and mind their own beeswax.

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Yousef Apr 20, 2023 448 views

How would someone figure out if it would be a better career path for him to be a structural engineer or a path in engineering management?

I’ve worked for the first two years after my graduation as a structural design engineer and now i’m a project coordinator but in a workplace that is somehow chaotic and i do not feel i’m learning any technical stuff like i did when i was a designer and now i’m in a dilemma between getting back...

Tasneem’s Avatar
Tasneem Nov 19, 2022 1209 views

Can I teach with a degree in architecture?

I am interested in the architecture field but I want to be a teacher. Can a bachelor's in architecture and a teaching certificate allow me to teach maths and art? Also, any tips for both fields?

Tasneem’s Avatar
Tasneem Jul 04, 2022 865 views

Law or Political Science?

I am a junior in high school. I am not sure whether to study law or political science in college, although at first, I was sure of political science. I am interested in both but I don't know how to decide since I have heard multiple things about each.

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haya Dec 03, 2021 494 views

what are the course selections should I choose if I want to apply for interior design degree

I'm an Ib student
#interior-design #design #graphic-design #graphic-design #college-major #college

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Fady Oct 11, 2021 555 views

What school do I have to get into to make Vaccines and Drug?

#high-school #college-admissions #college #graduate-school #sports #medicine #pharmacy #chemistry #chemist #vaccinology #Drugs #Technology #Rutgers #PharmaD/MD #Harvard #Princeton #Brown #Medical Field #doctor #hospital-and-health-care

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Mohamed Jun 30, 2021 734 views

How can I choose what to study in college?

I am an igcse student, and I still don't know what to study in college. I am not drawn to anything. Basically I like all my subjects and I score the same grade in all of them #college-advice #college #student

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Farrah Mar 19, 2021 644 views

What is the best major for me if I’m interested in math and i’m so good at it

I am interested in logistics, business administration, computer science, and supply chain management #math #aerospace-engineering #business-management

Tasneem’s Avatar
Tasneem Feb 28, 2021 909 views

Any tips for becoming an ambassador?

What are the main subjects/majors I should focus on to become an ambassador? What should I study? Any tips?
#career-advice #studies #ambassador

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Lara Jan 17, 2021 393 views

I'm considering studying zoology and want more information about what my options will be if I focus on animal studies

#career-paths animal science zoology

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Tasneem Dec 21, 2020 2723 views

Which AP courses are useful for political science in high school?

So far, I'm planning on studying AP Comparative Government and AP World History. Also, I'm planning on studying Statistics in Grade 12 because that will be important for recording data, which is important for Political Science. Any other recommendations? #political-science #ap

Tasneem’s Avatar
Tasneem Dec 21, 2020 846 views

Employment in College

What are good jobs to work at while being a student at college? Also, when do you recommend a student to begin working while studying?

#student-employment #international-student

Tasneem’s Avatar
Tasneem Dec 20, 2020 664 views

Art and Political Science

Are there jobs that connect political science with art & design? Do you have any tips or advice?
#art #political-science

Tasneem’s Avatar
Tasneem Dec 20, 2020 616 views

Tips for Political Science

What should I study or know for having a political science-related career? Have you got any tips?
#political-science #career-advice

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