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How would someone figure out if it would be a better career path for him to be a structural engineer or a path in engineering management?

I’ve worked for the first two years after my graduation as a structural design engineer and now i’m a project coordinator but in a workplace that is somehow chaotic and i do not feel i’m learning any technical stuff like i did when i was a designer and now i’m in a dilemma between getting back to design before i forget it and between thinking that i do not learn any technical staff because i’m not in the best work environment someone would learn from. Just to elaborate as a project coordinator i’m responsible for following up with the design and shop-drawing and production teams and following up with the client to check that he replies to all quires and hiving him updates about the work and writing minutes of meeting probably that would be all, however i have no or a very little exposure to the estimation team of purchasing, we have only one project planner who is technically weak he makes the plan according to the project manager requests only ( i mean every detail in the plan is set by the project manager and the planner just uses Microsoft project to make it) so i do not feel like i’m having an added value On the other hand while i was a designer i learned every now and then a new information either about a code limit or a design principle and it was satisfactory So i do not know if i just hate the work place i’m in now because it is chaotic and i do not feel any technical added value or it is just the career path in management working that way

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