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what are the course selections should I choose if I want to apply for interior design degree

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2 answers

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RAVI’s Answer

I am not sure what kind of majors are offered in Cairo, where you are that educate you to be an interior designer. They may be part of "Home Science", "Arts", or simply "Interior Design" programs. If I were you, I will take the following actions:

1. Discuss with your high school principal or teachers and guidance councilors as to how to go about pursuing your dreams and get help.
2. Reach out to family members, extended family members, or others for guidance who may know the details or may know someone who knows the details.
3. Search on LinkedIn or other web sites for professionals in the field for advice.
4. Look at the college web sites that you are interested in to see what kind of programs they offer and the courses they offer to train you to be an interior designer.
5. You can get lot of the education these days on watching YouTube videos on Interior Design and some of them also might have guidance on how to chose your college/courses etc.

In addition to all the above, please do take some basic courses on Finance that will help you guide on how to price your services, and make critical decisions in life whether you work for someone or run a interior business on your own.

Best of wishes.
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Priya’s Answer

Hi Haya,
We are in different countries, so I am not sure if it will be the same for you. I know for me in the US, I would typically go to the website of the college or university I am interested in and will search their course catalog for the correct year (usually written as Course Catalog 2021-2022, as an example.) From there I can type in the program I am interested in, such as the specific program for Interior Design (depending on the degree you are pursuing such as BA, MA, etc.) It should list all the courses available to you, and perhaps even the guide for the courses to take in that program. You can typically call the university or college as well to ask them more information regarding it, as it can vary from school to school. Good luck, and I hope this helps a little! Wishing you the best on your journey in interior design!

Priya recommends the following next steps:

Though my area of study was different, here is an example of what the interior design program course guide would look like from the university I attended after I searched it online:
You can also consult an academic advisor/academic counselor if one is available in your school to ask for guidance on what classes they think are best