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Michaela B. Feb 25, 2015 1231 views

How do you know that you're choosing the right career?

I am really interested in interior design but I am afraid that once I get into the industry that I won't like it and will have wasted my time in college. #college-major #career-choice #experience #interior-design...


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DION S. Jan 11, 2016 958 views
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Jenni W. Sep 07, 2016 1246 views

When is the best time to start looking for jobs for after graduation?

I am a senior in college, graduating in May. I have begun looking for jobs, but many of my peers have not. I would like to know if I am wasting my time right now, or if I should have started searching sooner. #college #jobs #graduate #job-search...


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Cam R. May 02, 2019 412 views

How do I figure out if my major is the correct one?

As in, if you don't know what major you will do, how do you know if the one you choose is the right one?...


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PRABHU P. Jan 29, 2020 190 views
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Aaron S. Feb 01, 2020 299 views

What is a good minor to pair with a physics degree?

I am a senior in high school who wants to work in physics on a variety of projects. I'm thinking about having a engineering minor, but what opportunities could I get from other minors? #physics #college-major #college-minor...


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Maria R. Feb 21, 2020 234 views

I want to enroll in the computer science program in dawson cegep, it is a three year program, but what if I'm wrong when I think I'll like it?

I am about to enroll in the computer science program in Dawson, it's a three year program and I honestly do not want to lose time. I've done computer coding and analysis before and i loved it, it was my best class, but it was a long time ago and I'm not sure if I'll keep liking it when I get...

#computer-software #computer #computer-science #technology #college

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Ze Y. Mar 04, 2020 187 views
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andrea M. Mar 06, 2020 204 views

What major allows me to work with Spanish speaking people in the community.

I am currently a Spanish major but I am looking for another major that allows me to work directly with the Latinx community but also allows me to work in a Spanish speaking country....