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Hello! My name is Urooj and I am a current high school student. I'm conducting an interview with any professional in the nursing and anesthesiology field for a Foundations in Health Science class project about careers! I have created a total of 13 questions. Comment on this post, answering all 13 questions to be a part of my assignment.

1.) What profession did you choose?

2.) How many years of college did you
need to go through?

3.) What jobs did you work before you
landed your present professional

4.) How can I decide if I should earn a
Ph.D. in this field?

5.) Were you in a college program?

6.) Did you have to pivot and go back to
school at a later date?

7.) Did you shadow another
professional in the field?

8. ) Did you join any school clubs
related to your current profession?

9.) Was there a particular subject you
struggled with during your school

10.) What skill sets did you learn or
gain while pursuing your career?

11.) What are some hard and soft skills you need for this field?

12.) What would you do differently if you could go back in time?

13.) Did you do any internships? If so what did you do and how were you able to get the internship?

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1 answer

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Peter’s Answer

The profession I chose was in Finance, I chose this career primarily because I really enjoy working with numbers. Most company's require a Bachelors Degree in order to be hired as a Financial Analyst, with an emphasis on Business Administration/Business Management. Prior to working with LS&CO, I worked for the Department of Defense as a Training Manager for 13 years and served in the US Army for 8 years prior to that. A Doctorate of Business (DBA) would be something that you would likely need to weigh out, as the majority of upper echelon jobs in the financial sector can be achieved with a Masters Degree (MBA). I was in a college program and did need to come back to complete my degree from the time I had initially started. I did not shadow and other professionals during this time nor was I a part of any clubs. I did not struggle too much with any subject in school but was never a fan of English overall. I learned how to prioritize work requirement s along with the importance of organization on my way to gaining my profession. These are both skills that I feel are a required in the financial sector in order to succeed and potentially grow in this field. If I could go back, I would have certainly obtained my degree sooner rather than later, it is so much easier before other life events come along like marriage and children. Lastly, I did not do any internships, thank you for the opportunity to help you with this, I greatly appreciate it!
Thank you comment icon Peter, thank you! Urooj