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How long does it usually take to start your business and comfortably run it ?

Asked Lynn, Massachusetts

I just want to know an estimated time that it takes to learn everything you need to learn about business and then start on your own #business

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Holly’s Answer

Updated Los Angeles, California

Great Question. Depending on what type of business or services you are planning on having. There are many requirments depending on the state and city that you operate your business in. This also depends on the product, mostly and or services. Do you plan from working from home, or a brick and moter a building is called brick and morter, as business refreces to. Or an online in the air type business? Many variables. You must have good operating capital, and help usualy from Small Business Admin. or S.C.O.R.E. if you google business start for your state you will find a list of forms and check off list of all the things you will need to do. Good luck. I hope you start a business.

This can take a long time to just break even point. I just took a business start up class with marketing and from what I can tell there is much work involved. However do not let that detour your dreams of owning a business. You are at the perfect starting point and I am sure if you go to the small business admin. or go to S.C.O.R.E. online they can assist you in all the needs and let you know answers to all the questions you may have. Depending on goods and services you are offering depends on how quickly you can make money, and depend on the money. I would start in my spare time see how it goes then move up slowly. Good luck.