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Career Questions tagged Thankyou

John’s Avatar
John Mar 24, 2021 405 views

Is it better to get a job welding on a pipeline or work in a fabrication shop?

Hey Im John, I from a small town in MA I haven't really decided what I want to do but I'm throwing around a couple ideas of maybe going to welding school or maybe a technical school for auto mechanics after highschool any advice would be greatly apreciated. #bluecollar #thankyou

Samantha’s Avatar
Samantha Aug 10, 2020 294 views

Hello anesthesiologists, I was hoping if you could share your story of how you became an anesthesiologist from which college you attended, what you majored in, any class recommendations, etc. Thanks for your help in my upcoming journey.

#doctor #anesthesiologist #futureanesthesiologist #medicine #pre-med #highschool #thankyou

Jadyn’s Avatar
Jadyn Feb 19, 2019 398 views

Why do you go to work everyday?

#Why #Curious #hashtag #hello #welcometomyquestion #pleaserespond #thankyou #question

Justyn’s Avatar
Justyn Apr 04, 2018 467 views

Have been thinking lately about go after a rap career after being inspired by Nas. How can i be different from other rappers?


Paw’s Avatar
Paw Sep 01, 2017 599 views

Hi! What specific things (about college, housing, life, etc.) should we know before to college? What courses are we required to take to be able to major in nursing (to become a registered nurse)? What are your tips for thriving in college?

HI!!! College can obviously be overwhelming, especially for people who's family members never went to college before (and they get a lot of pressure from their family to succeed!). How do you keep calm while still doing great academically? Also, I'm really passionate about learning how the...