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What are some college courses to consider for working abroad?

Asked Parker City, Indiana

My dream is to travel the world, but I obviously need a good source of income in order to do that. Writing/editing has always interested me, and so a career doing something similar to that would be great. However, I'm very open to other ideas: I've heard #web-design and #transcriptionist have moderatly flexible schedules, and many #work-from-home. But aside from those, is there any other options that would enable me to fulfil my wanderlust dreams? Which general degrees or courses would be the best for me to work towards that would help me in landing jobs where I could #travel ? #online-media #online #online-advertising #online-marketing #what-should-i-do-in-school-that-will-help-me-get-the-job-i-want #traveling #job-search #working-abroad #living-abroad

4 answers

Barbara’s Answer


I suggest first determining what you want to do for a living and then research where the need is for your interest abroad. I understand that you want to work abroad but you might consider what you would enjoy doing in a profession on a regular basis. Do you want to just obtain money to live abroad and bum around, or do you desire to pursue a career and just do this abroad? My first job as a corporate trainer afforded me with the opportunity to travel abroad on a consistent basis. I was even offered two positions while traveling. Now, I like training, education, and development. I also enjoy traveling. So, I experienced the ideal combination. I did what I wanted to do where I wanted to do it. So, think about what you want to do first, and then determine where you want to do it. You might even want to consider working for a nonprofit as a paid volunteer worker. This will give you the chance to see if you even like being away from the United States.

Barbara recommends the following next steps:

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  • paid volunteer work: https://www.goabroad.com/articles/jobs-abroad/find-paid-volunteer-work

Self’s Answer

Well, a foreign language would be a great help! And if you wanna travel a lot, so probably you need a work that you can have the most flexibility to work, in terms of location and workhour. Then I would suggest also learn some computer skills and editing skills, like Adobe suits, modeling, calculating. In the meanwhile, sharpen your skills and interest in writing and editing, you could also learn photograph and drawing, which makes you more competitive!

Marilyn’s Answer

Updated Humble, Texas
Obviously you will need to know two things...the field you wish to work in (your major) and the language of the area where you would like to work. The more skill you have in the language, the more valuable you will be, and of course your skill in English will be helpful as well. Not knowing any more about your plans, that is somewhere to begin. Best of Luck, Marilyn Lowry

Mouna’s Answer

Updated Casablanca, Grand Casablanca, Morocco
This is a dream of many students and to make it possible you need to get a solid school education and specialize in certain fields, such as reasearch, design development, computer skills, innovative applications, computer skills, digita marketing and above all communication skills ( of course english is the primary language and any other european language will be a plus)