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How valuable are Lyndia courses or other free learning courses in the job world? Is it something that would go under skills in your resume?

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Lashay’s Answer


Good question! Free online courses can be very valuable when explaining your skillset and what you can offer a potential employer. You can place it on your resume in education or skills. You can also elaborate on the course in your cover letter by explaining why you took it. Some reasons people take free online courses are to refresh knowledge of a topic, gain new knowledge and skills to to do a desired job, for personal growth and development, or general curiosity. It may also be to grow within a field of work. There are other reasons too, like to enhance or compliment a course of study. Any of these validate your taking such courses. The better you can clearly explain what you gained from the course that can benefit the job the more believe able your studies will be

Of course, not allowing too much te to pass from when the course is completed and you actually apply that knowledge and skills to will help on that information being remembered. They are seen by the employer as valid and as great initiative. Some employers are more familiar with them than others so be prepared to explain what they are and how long you took the course(s). Good luck!

Lashay recommends the following next steps:

  • Try to use more popular MOOC sites so that you can navigate easily and to increase chances of employer being aware of it.
  • Give yourself a fair amount of time each week to work on the course (s). Follow the instructions for a guide.

Tom’s Answer

Any sort of learning you do that is extra will always be viewed favorably by a company that is looking to hire. It shows added initiative and a willingness to improve yourself outside of normal schooling. While online learning is not a replacement for standard college degrees, online learning is a very useful supplement to them.

Lindsey’s Answer

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Any extracurricular learning/training you can give yourself is always viewed as a plus. If you are going to site it on your resume, you would want to make sure it is from a reputable source such as Lynda.com, Khan Academy or the PMI Institute.

If you receive a certificate for taking the course, you can put that as a skill on your resume. Otherwise you can put it under additional training/learning.

thank you!