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rokaria’s Avatar
rokaria Nov 12, 2020 330 views

what do i have to do to get a fashion career of the ground.

i am an artistic person whos trying to succed in life by following my dream of doing something productive yet easy. #career-choice

oriana’s Avatar
oriana Jul 30, 2020 794 views

What should my dream career be?

Hello there! I'm a student and i'm a little all over the place when it comes to my dream career. I know what I'm good at- I just don't what job I could use most of my skills in. When watching TV shows, I end up wanting to be the job in that TV show. But- not all of them made me feel that way....

kyle’s Avatar
kyle Sep 25, 2019 617 views

Is a teacher salary enough?

#financial-planning #education #teacher #teaching #teaching #salary

Eh’s Avatar
Eh Mar 15, 2019 529 views

what is the highest and lowest pay for interior home paintinh HBI 1?

#design #money #interior

Makayla’s Avatar
Makayla Aug 26, 2018 714 views

Does Texas have a high demand for High School Band Teachers?

I'm planning on being a high school band teacher, and I want to know if it would be worth it to move to Texas and try to teach there? What is the demand like for the position I want to go into? #high-school #teacher #band #Texas

Hadlea’s Avatar
Hadlea Oct 12, 2018 496 views

How do I go about becoming an ESL?

I have been studying Spanish for 6 years now, and I will be furthering my Spanish studies in college. I would love to be a Spanish teacher or an ESL teacher. #education #teacher

Lisa’s Avatar
Lisa Aug 28, 2018 635 views

Should I get my masters degree in education, or should I just get my National Board Certification?

I want to become a teacher in North Carolina and right now Masters Pay is not offered, so is it worth getting my masters degree, or should I just become National Board Certified?

#education #teachers

Faith ’s Avatar
Faith Sep 01, 2017 973 views

What are some college courses to consider for working abroad?

My dream is to travel the world, but I obviously need a good source of income in order to do that. Writing/editing has always interested me, and so a career doing something similar to that would be great. However, I'm very open to other ideas: I've heard #web-design and #transcriptionist have...

Desirae’s Avatar
Desirae Aug 31, 2017 609 views

My university offers a five year Master's program for Education Majors, should I complete a fifth year for my masters or should I go straight into full time teaching?

I want to teach Middle School English until I can learn more than three languages. I do not plan to teach for more than 8 years, but things may change the further I get into my major (as I am a first year student). I would like to know the significance of a Master's Degree in the field of...

Lillianna’s Avatar
Lillianna Jun 27, 2018 649 views

Do you like what you do for your job?

And why?

Piper’s Avatar
Piper Sep 01, 2017 686 views

What should I do to work in an embassy abroad?

I want to travel the world and help people for the rest of my life, thus I think that working in an American embassy in foreign countries would be perfect for me. I currently plan on majoring in International Relations and minoring in Spanish (I am already conversationally fluent). Is this a...

Briann ’s Avatar
Briann Sep 01, 2017 647 views

What are some good scholarships for biology education majors?

I need help finding some scholarships that relate to what I want to major in. #biology-teacher #biology #teacher

Mary-Anna ’s Avatar
Mary-Anna Sep 01, 2017 884 views

Is it wise to become a teacher?

I am considering becoming a teacher. #teacher #education #careerchoice #help #school

Tria’s Avatar
Tria May 17, 2018 521 views

What other jobs can you go into that has good pay other than teaching with the degree of Family and Consumer Sciences?

I plan to become a Family and Consumer Sciences teacher and I would like to know the other alternatives I can go into if I end up with a bachelor degree and there isn't a teaching position available for me.
#Education #FamilyandConsumerSciences #FCS #teaching #teacher

Monica’s Avatar
Monica Jul 27, 2018 417 views

I would like to know if being an infant teacher is a successful career?

I am working towards a career as an infant teacher and I would like to know if it is a successful career choice.
#teacher #career