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Should I get my masters degree in education, or should I just get my National Board Certification?

I want to become a teacher in North Carolina and right now Masters Pay is not offered, so is it worth getting my masters degree, or should I just become National Board Certified?

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2 answers

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B.K.’s Answer

First, I applaud you for desiring to advance in your career. Also, this is a fairly common concern. It really depends on what your goal is. The National Board Certification will provide you the opportunity to increase your income as well as distinguish you from teachers who do not hold the certification. Currently, there is a small fraction of teachers in the U.S. holding the board certification. Income can often be a driving factor in making career decisions. In North Carolina where salaries are low, it is imperative to consider ways to increase one's salary in order to maintain a decent lifestyle. While you are an educator, you still probably need money. The advance degree on the other hand will increased your salary at a lower rate, as well as situate you for career growth, dependent upon the degree you pursue. Are you considering becoming an administrator, curriculum developer, school psychologist, counselor, eventually leaving the school system, or what? Perhaps you might even consider pursuing both. If so, map out a plan to achieve both goals. Determine what your priorities are, and then select the option that you will will pursue first. Keep in mind that both pursuits will take time, energy, effort, resources, and commitment. It is essential that you map out a short-term and long-term career plan.

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A graduate degree from an authorized school or college can make your list of references stick out, improve your chances of finding a prospective employee meeting, and furnish you with influence as you arrange business terms, for example, compensation and advantages. You'll likewise enter the market with a more noteworthy feeling of certainty, authority, and comprehension in your field. This experience, just as the upgraded organizing openings that accompany interest in a serious degree program, can make it simpler to get the activity you truly need.

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Your graduate degree is additionally a remarkable method to propel your insight and field understanding, expanding on your four year college education program with a more noteworthy spotlight on current practice. With the speed at which the present innovation moves, entire courses of study become obsolete practically overnight. In the event that you need to keep pace in your field and update your instructive certifications, a graduate degree might be the most ideal approach to remain on the main edge.