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If I attend Grad School abroad will it be easier to work internationally with my degree?

Updated North Potomac, Maryland

I am attending Graduate School abroad this upcoming year for a one-year Msc in Applied Behavior Analysis. There are currently many positions in the US for careers in Behavior Analysis, however my main interest is to work internationally. Since my Master's degree will be from an international institution, will this help in obtaining a job abroad? #gradschool #masters #international #college #graduate-school #working-abroad #working-internationally

1 answer

Amanda’s Answer


Congrats on making that huge leap and getting your graduate degree abroad! I received a master’s degree from Dublin City University in Ireland and from my experience, it has only been a benefit in my career. In interviews, people seem to be impressed that I was able to study in another country and feel more confident in my international experience.

With that hat being said, you need to make sure that your degree is internationally recognized. If not, you could not be seen as qualified for the position, so make sure you look in to that. Good Luck!

Amanda recommends the following next steps:

  • Make sure your program is internationally accredited