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Emily G. Sep 01, 2017 1787 views

Which colleges/universities have programs in melittology (study of bees)?

I recently visited Rodale Institute in Kutztown, PA, and became quite intrigued by this particular insect through the organization's one-day course. Although this is a specific subject, knowing some places that truly specialize in these pollinators would, without a doubt, help me an incredible...

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celeste L. Jan 16, 2018 357 views

What does an enviormentalist exactly do? is it a wide range or a specific job?

Because I want to major in being an environmentalist and a lot of people ask me exactly what I will be doing and I really do not know how to answer that. I just want to major in helping the environment. #environmental-services #college #environmental-science #ecology #biology #environmentalism...


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Katya R. Aug 31, 2018 294 views

What career options would I have if I studied Environmental Science?

I am considering majoring in Environmental Science but I'm concerned about what to do from there. #environmentalscience...


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Haley G. Dec 12, 2019 215 views

Where (other than California) would I be able to find good, tangible work as an animator?

I want to pursue animation as a possible career in the future and I'm wondering where I need to go to find a good job once I'm done with college. Where would I even start as well? I've heard of legendary cartoonists jump starting their career by merely having a good idea to pitch and a talent...

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Katherine T. Aug 18 104 views

Hi! Any advice for someone wanting to do sustainable finance?

Is there anything I should be learning in my own time? Any resources that may help when finding a job in this field? Thanks a lot! #sustainable...