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Hi! Any advice for someone wanting to do sustainable finance?

Is there anything I should be learning in my own time? Any resources that may help when finding a job in this field? Thanks a lot! #sustainable #jobs

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3 answers

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Lesley’s Answer

I think every finance person needs to understand sustainability, and needs to incorporate it into their work. I'm not sure you'll find a lot of job titles that have 'sustainable finance' in the title just yet, but you could look for finance positions at companies, instiutions, etc that cite sustainability as a key priority for the business. Then, you can enter that workplace with a mission to ensure you integrate ESG and sustainability into your work, connect to the right stakeholders within and outside the company, and build a better pipeline for sustainable finance.

That, and you could look for opportunities with start-ups or small to medium businesses that are run by more diverse teams than traditional companies/institutions who have a better sense of the importance of sustainable finance. :)

We're all recognizing that sustainability is important, but we're dragging our feet trying to integrate it with intention. We need people like you to help us change our systems.

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Jason’s Answer

I'm an MBA and have a good friend who has an MBA in sustainability. I will be very honest, he is not currently employed nor has he been since he got the degree in any managerial position. It did not assist in his career.
I would recommend reaching out to universities that offer programs and email the faculty. You may want to try to find some adjuncts as they tend to be the ones with actual experience in the field versus a purely academic situation.
You could even try to cold call or email some larger corporations sustainability team and see if you can line yourself some contacts. Its all about networking and having general skills that you can apply to multiple areas.

Best of luck to you

Thank you Jason, appreciate your response! Katherine T.

youre very welcome. Best of luck to you! Jason Rechtman, MA, MBA, LPC

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Bobbie’s Answer

A place to find work and make a difference is in corporate sustainability, check out this post for a list of organizations.
Forbes article - https://www.forbes.com/sites/samanthatodd/2020/01/21/who-are-the-100-most-sustainable-companies-of-2020/#52ad5e0d14a4