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Woodside, CA
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I want to be in a working field out in nature studying different habitats like on terrestrial and in the ocean. I want to go into environmental science, marine biology, and studying climate change. I have found I want to go into a career about environmental and marine conservation.

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Gina May 24, 2019 672 views

Should I take an AP US History class if I'm already taking an AP English class and going to manage a new club? Should I take this AP or do community college classes online?

#high-school-classes #APclasses #decisions

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Gina May 03, 2019 600 views

How much salary can an environmental scientist make? What other jobs can I take like this one?

#environmental #nature #salary #science

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Gina May 03, 2019 745 views

What are some job options for me if I'm interested about the environment, plastic pollution, climate change and carbon emissions? I am interested in doing hands on work.

#handson #environment #climatechange #carbon

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Gina Apr 25, 2019 457 views

What courses should I apply to that have to do about the environment in community colleges while I am in high school?

I want to go in something to do with environmental friendly work field. #eco-friendly #nature