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New Orleans, Louisiana

Within 40 mile radius
Brett’s Avatar
Brett Dec 06, 2022 139 views

What is the scholarship for becoming an officer in the national guard?

I heard of scholarships for the military but I want to join as an officer in the national guard.

kevine’s Avatar
kevine Jul 21, 2022 152 views

Is carpentry the best option

why would carpentry be a good trade or career for someone?
if you were to own a construction business, what would be some of the requirements for your job?
outside of work , what something that interests you

Jabria’s Avatar
Jabria May 30, 2021 245 views

I am currently a mechanical engineering major with a minor in biology. I am interested in possibley pursuing a MD. Does it make sense to pursue a post bac in biology or get a masters in biology to aid in preparation for the MCAT?


Emma’s Avatar
Emma Feb 24, 2021 1143 views

Do I need to be good at math to succeed as a Biology major?

I like biology, but I struggle with math. I really want to be either a biologist or a forensic scientist. Anyone in the biology field bad at math? #biology #science #math #mathematics #college

korey’s Avatar
korey Jan 21, 2021 507 views

would getting a pharmacy technician intership be helpful in my path of becoming a pharmacist?

Its one of the options I have currently
#pharmacy #pharmacytechnician #pharmacist

Nikki’s Avatar
Nikki Aug 20, 2020 317 views

What is a better location to get an internship at? Bigger business or smaller?

I am very interested in going to school to be a Urologist. When applying for an internship, would a bigger or smaller facility give you more on experience.? I feel like a bigger location would be stressful for an intern. On the other hand, I feel like there is more experience. Then I feel at...

Lexis’s Avatar
Lexis Aug 20, 2020 306 views

How did you know being a Neurologists was that right career path for you?

#neurologist #neurology

Audrey’s Avatar
Audrey Jun 18, 2020 1455 views

I am 15 years old and I feel like I should have some idea of what I should do or be in the future. I feel like I am not good at anything. Any ideas on how I should figure out?

I am 15, I make good grades (4.6 gpa), im in all honors and AP courses, im athletic, im tall and skinny, i play travel sports all year round, I was a spirit leader last year, im full of energy, i have adhd, i am nervous about presenting in large crowds but i can talk to large crowds, i take...

Charlene’s Avatar
Charlene Apr 16, 2020 631 views

Is audiology a good career? I’m deciding between that and physical therapy and chiropractic. I’m really nervous about choosing one these career paths because I want to be able to find a job.

My name is Charlene and im confused on what career path I should take due to interest’ Job growth/availability, and money. #career #job #career-choice #career-counseling

Mia’s Avatar
Mia Apr 14, 2020 999 views

As a non-religious person, should I exclude religiously affiliated colleges and universities from my college search?

Just a quick disclaimer: I do not mean to offend anyone in this post!! I respect your freedom of religion!! So, I do not follow any organized religion. I do not believe in a God or creationism, and I am not spiritual. I guess I can be categorized as a "nihilist." With that being said, I...

Mia’s Avatar
Mia Apr 14, 2020 521 views

What size college is "too big?"

I am used to having teachers readily available in high school, and I find classes with 30+ students to be frustrating. However, I hate how I know everyone in high school and I hate how everyone feels "stuck" with each other (there are a little under 1,000 students total in my school). On the...

Mia’s Avatar
Mia Apr 14, 2020 435 views

I am extremely interested in Criminal Justice and Sociology, but I don't know if I should double major, or if I should get a master's in one area. What's the most logical and cost effective thing to do?

I have a real passion for sociology and criminal justice. I'm not too sure what I want to do career-wise , but I do know that I want to be involved in helping people (especially children) of racial minorities break free from systemic racism. I am extremely passionate about social change and...

charlotte’s Avatar
charlotte Mar 07, 2020 840 views

What's the most important part of a resume?

Which aspect of my resume should I highlight or refer to in my cover letter to have the most impactful and effective application? #job-application #resume #job-search #interviews

charlotte’s Avatar
charlotte Mar 07, 2020 493 views

Most Important Part to an Internship Application

I realize not all industries or jobs are alike, but I think it'd be worthwhile to ask. When applying to a summer internship and including my resume, cover letter, and letter of recommendation- which of these 3 do you find to be the most valuable/important?

#internship #resume #job #application

charlotte’s Avatar
charlotte Mar 07, 2020 498 views

How to know what industry is the right fit?

As an undergrad, it feels as though there aren't enough opportunities before graduation to figure out what industry is the best fit for me. What sorts of activities would you recommend an undergrad pursue in their limited free time? Or, what have you found to be the most valuable experience to...

charlotte’s Avatar
charlotte Mar 07, 2020 502 views

How to figure out if Law School might be right for me?

I'm a junior studying Philosophy and have an interest in pursuing a career in law. The only summer internships available with firms are limited to 1L and 2L students with no opportunities for undergraduates. How might I be able to get some perspective into the field and see if it might be the...

korey’s Avatar
korey Jan 30, 2020 442 views

do you have to become a dental hygienist before becoming a dentist

I am a junior in high school and I am interested in become a dentist #dentist #dentistry #dental-hygienist #dental #medicine

Shajuan’s Avatar
Shajuan Nov 26, 2019 483 views

What is a typical day (week) like for you?

I am seeking a career in the electrical field

d’s Avatar
d Nov 12, 2019 322 views

im trying to find out what profession would be a great fit for me

I'm a #college #student my major is social work. I love listening to r&b #music. I like to stay at home and watch funny movies. I love to listen to other people problems. I love spending time alone and talk on the phone with my sister which is my bestfriend. I like to try new things but not...

Jyra’s Avatar
Jyra Jul 26, 2019 354 views

What source is available for figuring out specifically which college/ university have Neuroscience programs?

#medicine #neuroscience #healthcare #medical-school

Katarzyna’s Avatar
Katarzyna Aug 17, 2018 415 views

What specialty of medicine is most useful in refugee and other international medicine work?

#medicine #doctorswithoutborders #refugee #international

Anthony’s Avatar
Anthony May 30, 2018 462 views

What's the best way to use a psychology degree?

I love the field of psychology, but I don't love being poor. What's the best way to get my money's worth out of a psychology degree? Is a degree in psychology really worth going to school for? What's the best path to take down this (psychology) road?
#job-search #school #college

Anthony’s Avatar
Anthony May 30, 2018 454 views

What skill sets make for a better grad school application?

I'm looking to start building a resume with experience that'll reasonably prepare me for applying to graduate school. What kinds of opportunities should I be searching for to accomplish this?
#school #strategy

Joshua’s Avatar
Joshua May 23, 2018 524 views

How should I begin my accounting career after I graduated college?

#accountant #career-path #career

Joshua’s Avatar
Joshua May 23, 2018 765 views

Whats the most important skill to have when becoming an accountant?

#accountant #skills #accounting

Jenna’s Avatar
Jenna Mar 24, 2018 504 views

What is medical field like?

I know the educational part of medicine is very challenging, but is being accepted to a hospital hard? How is the life of the hospital? I would just like to know the ins and outs of being a doctor.
#medicine #career

Jenna’s Avatar
Jenna Mar 24, 2018 448 views

Can I still get into an Ivy League school if I'm not valedictorian?

I get straight As, I do community work, and I am a very hard working student. I would love to go to an Ivy League especially since I want to go into the medical field. Is it realistic to plan on going to Yale or Harvard if I am only in the top 10 percent of a public high school? #medicine...

jonathan’s Avatar
jonathan Jan 23, 2018 419 views

what degrees i need to be a police officer ?

because i want to be a police officer and see what it is like everyday ? #police-and-law-enforcement

jessie’s Avatar
jessie Jan 23, 2018 575 views

what school do you need to go to know what game designer

I would like to know which one is a good school to go to #game-development

jessie’s Avatar
jessie Jan 23, 2018 485 views

What do I need to know to become a computer scientist?

I would like to know what I need to know for this job #computer-science

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