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What are three important things I should know about this job

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2 answers

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Bronwyn’s Answer

Forestry is an age old industry that is profit driven eg for timber, furniture, paper, etc. There is always a demand for foresters worldwide. Urban forestry is about aesthetics and mitigating climate change. The demand is much smaller as it is a new industry. With growing focus on mitigating climate change the need for urban forestry and the management thereof will increase. For now it is a niche industry and you would follow this career because you have a passion for the subject not because you want to be employable.

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Aby’s Answer

Suitable for those who like to be in Field, involved with nature and adventurous

Different from a Blue collar job , done from within the comforts of Corporate campuses

Traveling & Physical activity might be involved,

Uncertainties and Risks involved as you might need to track and deal with Legal & illegal activities in the forest.

Hope this helps, Aby Philip