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Which American universities focus on nutrition in relation to neurobiology?

I am a senior high school student with a several year experience in ecological theory and ecological agriculture. My work has lead me to study how food impacts brain health and development. I already have several mentors, including a neurobiologist, and am looking for more perspectives. I have applied to 15 universities.

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Steve’s Answer

Check with Baylor in Texas. I have a friend who worked there in nutrition and research relating to children. Not sure if you want your studies to focus more on food and nutrition or on the developmental health, but you may want to work with either a medical group like Baylor, or work with a strong nutrition/agricultural school with a focus on nutrients and collaborating with medical people? Most researchers specialize in one or the other, and collaborate on the research.

North Dakota State University, Colorado State University (Ft. Collins) and Washington State University have strong legume and new crop research, and have been doing investigations into health benefits of these crops. Internationally, the French (INRA, their federal research agency) would be a good resource.