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What is the best way to engage with a philanthropist?

Asked Richmond, Virginia

I am interested in starting a project which integrates sustainable buisness practices, nutrition, and community involvement. #nutrition #ecology #community #sustainability

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Sarah’s Answer

Updated Boston, Massachusetts
Hi there, Sounds like you have an awesome idea for a program! I would do a little research to understand who else in your neighborhood/city cares about this issue. You can do that by talking to other non-profits who have similar services, and by searching for 'community foundations' in your area. They would be great organizations to have an information interview with to learn more about the philanthropic process in your community. Companies will often share on their website what their philanthropic focus areas are, so make sure to research a few companies in your area. If any align with what you are hoping to accomplish, you should reach out to them for a quick call to see what you can learn about their programs and how you may be able to help each other!