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What are the steps to become a helper for saving the rainforest?

I love learning about rainforests. I used to make little rainforests and show it to my class. I wanted to learn what the steps for helping the rainforest. I want to help out. #rainforest #saving #helping #forestry #ecology

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2 answers

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Veena’s Answer

Hi Belle,

There are many ways to get involved to protect rainforest. From working in businesses, to working in agriculture or the nonprofit sector -- there are many organizations and roles an individual can play to help protect the environment. Even if we don't work directly to save the rainforest as part of our jobs, we can make informed choices as consumers.

One suggestion is to research nonprofit organizations that dedicated to this. Learn about what they do, find out what resources they might have online, read about their leaders and their backgrounds to learn about potential careers in the space, and look into potential ways that you can get involved (as a volunteer, as an educator, as an informed consumer). Organizations such as the Rainforest Alliance could be a good place to start.

It's great to hear that you are interested in helping the planet!

Thank you for answering my question Belle D.

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Ali’s Answer

I would say to just be more environmentally aware yourself and try to help through small steps by reducing your carbon footprint.