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If I have a BS in Psychology, can I apply for a Master's in Ecology?

I am a US citizen living in Australia, I have been out of school for 2 1/2 years, and I would like to go back to school to earn a masters in Ecology or a related field. I would like to know if this is possible in the USA, but I want to go to school in Central Europe. Would a foreign school in Austria or Germany accept me for an ecology program if my Bachelor's is in a different scientific field. #science #graduate-school #ecology #study-abroad #austria #germany #environmental-science #masters #europe

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2 answers

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Brittany’s Answer

Hello Sam, In order to figure out if you would be accepted into the Ecology program, you would need to go to the school's website and see if student's are allowed to pursue in different programs. If the information isn't posted or available on the school's website then the next thing I would recommend that you do is get in contact with the Dean of the Ecology Department within that school. Give them a call or email them and see if you are eligible to apply. I wouldn't recommend going and searching on google for your answer, due to the fact that there are different requirements for different schools. Just because one university says that its fine in that country doesnt mean that another university in that same country follows those same requirements and standards. The best option is to contact the school and the Dean of the Ecology Department in order to get a guaranteed answer.

Hello Brittany, I would say that your advice was the most helpful of all responses! (The most applicable to central Europe) Thank You! I was admitted to a University in Germany last year. The full title of the program is "International Masters of Environmental Science". It is interdisciplinary and quite comprehensive. Calling and asking the international office was the most direct way to receive an answer. It saved time and potentially money (if I were to send an application). Thank you again for your assistance! Sam R.

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Bryce’s Answer

Hi Sam,

Master's Degree programs differ from university to university on what they require to get accepted into the program. The best advice I can give you is to look up programs you may be interested in and look over the requirements. From my experience looking into Master's programs it mostly depends on the classes you have taken in your Bachelor's program not the degree you earned. Most likely you will be presented with a list of required/recommended classes. Closely look over these classes and if you are missing some of them reach out to the desired university. It may be that the class really isn't required they just recommend you take it in your bachelor's program. Sorry I could not provide a more concrete answer, but there really is no concrete guideline when it comes to individual master's programs.

Bryce recommends the following next steps:

Look up university and narrow down program choices
Reach out to university on master's program requirements

You are correct that there isn't any concrete guidelines that applies to all programs. Searching for a program proved to be the most difficult part, but I was finally admitted late last year to a University. Thanks for the input! Sam R.