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What skills are required in your position on a day-to-day basis?

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2 answers

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Stacey’s Answer

I am a Relationship Specialist for my companies Client Loyalty department. Our overall goal is to retain clients who want to terminate services with us. To be successful in this role the qualities and skills below are great to have.

• Manages time well • Critical thinker • Analytical Skills/Interest in Finance and Pricing • Team Player/Interest in Partnering across Business Units • Self-motivated • Excels in conflict resolution • De-escalate in verbal and written communication • Proactive • Works quickly but efficiently • Works well with meeting project deadlines
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Nancy’s Answer

Hi, Madison,

There are many different skills for many different jobs in the medical field. For mental health, which I have worked in, interpersonal skills are key. Additional skills in any medical field are attention to detail and good judgment about what to do next when you gather information. You need to get along with people, collect data (a temperature, an X-ray, someone’s emotional state, for example), and have a high degree of personal integrity. Medical information is sensitive and confidential. Some fields require analytical skills (putting facts together to come up with the best diagnosis). Some require precise measurement and less interaction (lab technician, pharmacist).

Nancy recommends the following next steps:

Research medical fields in The Occupational Outlook Handbook found in libraries or online:
Ask anyone in the medical field about their job.