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After bachelors in aircraft maintenance , can I study MBA ?

Asked Kharkiv, Kharkiv Oblast, Ukraine

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Zach’s Answer

Updated Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

Lisa is correct. Without a bachelor's degree in business (or economics) most MBA programs will require you to take several "foundation" courses prior to starting the graduate-level business courses. This may extend your total MBA program length by 1 or 2 semesters. It is all pretty seamless. You should not be discouraged from pursuing an MBA just because you do not have a bachelor's degree in business.

Mike’s Answer

Updated Alabaster, Alabama

You can not only move from Aircraft Maintenance to an MBA, but I'd recommend it. My undergraduate degree was in Electrical Engineering and I then went on to earn my MBA. What I would recommend doing is start looking at programs you are interested in. See what Foundations courses they require. I ended up taking 6, but could have narrowed that to 3-4 with some additional work in my undergraduate degree. I took Micro Economics, but should have taken Macro to be able to not take the Econ Foundation course. I also have Financial Accounting, but not Managerial. With a bit of extra work you can prepare yourself to minimize the Foundations you need.

Mike recommends the following next steps:

  • Research Programs you are interested in.
  • See what foundations courses they require
  • Try to cover basics while working on your undergrad in as many subjects as you can

LISA’s Answer


Yes, you can study MBA.  An MBA can standalone from any previous bachelors degree.  I have a cousin that has a BA in  Psychology  and she just completed her MBA.  The MBA is giving her the business knowledge to bring into one day owning her own practice.