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Hailey Feb 21 184 views

how do you set up a job interview ?

How to get a job interview.

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Chandni Oct 06, 2017 743 views

How is/was your experience of doing an MBA ?

I would like to know from professionals who have or are currently doing an MBA in Canada and the US.
How was your experience ? Would you recommend doing it from Canada or the US if we look at the ROI ?

#mba #masters-degree #masters #college #college-advice #higher-education #business

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Akaash Jan 26 141 views

Which is the best course to pursue after completing BBA? MBA, MiM, MSc, Mres? Or is there some other course that is a better option?

I have completed my BBA and have almost completed 1 year of work experience as well. I want to pursue my masters but am not sure which course to opt for. Would greatly appreciate an/all advice that you can share with me, regarding which course to choose. Thank you. I look forward to hearing...

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Zyrielle' Feb 02 198 views

Real estate agent

How long did it take you to study/ become successful as a real estate agent?

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SKylar Feb 02 207 views

What can I use in the airforce?

Will I need a lot of money or a degree for something big? I intend on joining the air force and doing something with languages. I have been in french for 9+ years and love it. I want to know if it's possible to join with pretty good grades and only a high school diploma.

Yahir’s Avatar
Yahir Jan 30 133 views

Best way to get into business management ?

I have work in the construction world for almost 4 years. I was wondering now how i could get in to the business management and still do the thing i love the most?

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Melony Nov 17, 2022 234 views

Who should I send my resume and cover letter to when seeking jobs or internships?

I am a Junior in high school who is looking to improve and get myself together.

Giovanni’s Avatar
Giovanni Nov 17, 2022 189 views

Who should I send my resume and cover letter towards?

just askin another question again.

Z’s Avatar
Z Oct 31, 2022 665 views

What is the best way to network?

I am a high school senior.

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Hung Oct 22, 2022 225 views

I don’t know what to choose between these majors?

Hi everyone. Currently, I am stuck between choosing a major in Advertisement, Entertainment & Tourism, and Public Relations. And I think it’s better to see other people’s opinions on those three majors (maybe pros and cons or anything you can share with me). I’m much thankful if I could...

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Sohalia Feb 26, 2020 630 views

What knowledge would help me get in the field of marketing?

#marketing #business #college-major #management #technology

Caitlin’s Avatar
Caitlin May 27, 2016 848 views

Should the rigorousness of a job be considered for when choosing a career?

Ever since 3rd grade, I have put myself in more rigorous academic situations (specifically Gifted and Talent and the International Baccalaureate Program) and I respond well to hard work. Will all of the difficult courses I have been taking, I started to look at jobs that require a lot more...

Megan’s Avatar
Megan Jan 16, 2018 588 views

How to balance a full time job and a university schedule

I am a returning college student. I am a single mom to a wonderful 3 year old. I am getting closer to my associates degree at my community college but then looking to transfer to San Francisco state University but I still need to keep my job to care for my daughter. Can anyone help with advice...

Robin’s Avatar
Robin Mar 23, 2017 724 views

Do university graduates earn higher salaries than college graduates?

I've always been told that University was the bread and butter to finding a high salary job. However, my uncle earns six figures with his college diploma. #jobs #graduate #salary #financial-planning

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Katherine Jan 11, 2017 843 views

How soon should you pick your major?

I'm a freshman who is majoring in Political Science, but not quite positive that it is the major I want for good. #college-admissions #college-majors