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How is/was your experience of doing an MBA ?

Updated Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I would like to know from professionals who have or are currently doing an MBA in Canada and the US.
How was your experience ? Would you recommend doing it from Canada or the US if we look at the ROI ?

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4 answers

Donné Michelle’s Answer

Updated Sacramento, California
Hi Chandni, I am a professional woman that has been in the corporate world for over 20 years, and yes I can honestly say having my MBA has allowed me to grow my career faster in addition be compensated at a higher pay than people in the same line of work, and that do not have an MBA. I did not get my MBA until later in life after I had already gotten married and started my family, so finding the ROI was challenging to attend school at night etc. My recommendation due to experience is to get it online. This was the best option to get for me, and complete the courses more at self pace and allow a more life balance. Depending on your current situation it will be up to you to determine if Canada or US would be the best option. Doing your degree online allows you to have more choices! Good Luck! #mbaisworthit
Thank you Donné for sharing your experiences and insights :)

Hannah’s Answer

Updated Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Hi Chandi! What you get out of the MBA is going to be dependent on what you put into it. Whether it is an IVY school or one that is growing in strength and accreditation, thinking about what you want to get out of it can help narrow the scope. Some things that helped me were: 1) Thinking about if having a local community/network was important to me 2) seeing if there are programs that differentiate from other schools (University of Calgary had programs about Sustainability which peaked my interest) 3) Financially which will work best for your situation. My point of view also differs a little from both @Tom and @Donne - which is a powerful indication that in the end, there are many options and it all comes down to what feels like the best fit for you. I decided to invest in my MBA after about 5 years in the workplace, knowing I wanted to gain stronger credentials and opportunities before having a family. I decided that doing a program part-time, while working provided me the opportunity to apply what I was learning right into the workforce. I also chose an in-person program vs online because I believed that I was investing in a network, so growing those relationships was critical to me. Lastly, by going to school while working (although difficult at times!) provided less of a financial burden. I hope this helps - focus on the end goal and what you what to gain from this experience and clarity will come!

Vickey’s Answer

Updated Baltimore, Maryland

I don't have a MBA, I have a Master's of Arts in Rehabilitation Counseling and a Physician Assistant degree. Both of those experiences were enjoyable. Especially because you are on a set course. No dilly dallying around with phys ed, english , or a bunch of other classes you aren't really interested in. I enjoyed the atmosphere.

Tom’s Answer

Hi Chandni, I would always recommend pursuing an MBA from an accredited school, and each school is different. The best thing to do is to search online for the MBA school which fits your passions (finance, marketing, economics etc.) and from there make your decision. Personally I would recommend full-time so you can get the most out of your education by devoting your whole time to it. Hope this helps!