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Kristofer’s Avatar
Kristofer Dec 01, 2020 533 views

How could I be able to make my own website?

I make clay figures as a hobby. I'm usually on my laptop daily. Interested in making my own website so I can make and sell my clay figures to those that are interested in having something to put on their shelves. #Creativity

Saleena’s Avatar
Saleena Dec 01, 2020 1282 views

How to become a radiologist?

I want to become a radiologist #radiology

Kyle’s Avatar
Kyle Nov 10, 2016 1034 views

I want to go to business school. What are some key things I should do to prepare myself?

Business school has always been a goal of mine, and I've always wanted to go to a top school. I ask this question because I am committed to attending a top business school. I've already begun to ready myself for a good job after graduation, so what can I do now (as a college student) to prepare...

Ishan’s Avatar
Ishan Aug 08, 2016 1038 views

I wanted to have a degree in buissness, so should i go diretly to a undergraduate buissness or should i do enginnering first?

I'm a high school student thinking about my future. I would love to have this question help not just my future, but everyone else's who is in my career path . #engineering #mba #beginner

Tirth’s Avatar
Tirth Jan 17, 2019 1061 views

After bachelors in aircraft maintenance , can I study MBA ?

#MBA #aircraftmaintenace #aerospaceengineer #cheifengineer

Jean’s Avatar
Jean Jun 19, 2020 659 views

Do you need a lot experience to be a electrical engineerer


Gianna’s Avatar
Gianna Jun 23, 2020 1643 views

What is a day of a financial analyst like?

I'm an incoming freshman and I'm interested in the Finance field. A financial analyst seems like a fun job. However, it also seems like a very stressful and requires working overtime. What is your experience as a financial analyst? What are the pros and cons? Thanks! #finance #financialanalyst

heaven’s Avatar
heaven Jan 22, 2018 532 views

I want to be in the health field and was wondering if it is to late for me to change my mind about what i want to do ?

I am a student currently a Junior at De Anza high school and having problems with choosing a career path and am currently in engineering #technology with computers and all that stuff and its okay but ...... i don't find it very interesting in my opinion. But, i want to be in the Health field i...