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I wanted to have a degree in buissness, so should i go diretly to a undergraduate buissness or should i do enginnering first?

Asked Hightstown, New Jersey

I'm a high school student thinking about my future. I would love to have this question help not just my future, but everyone else's who is in my career path . #engineering #mba #beginner

2 answers

Lisa’s Answer

Updated Hartford, Connecticut

Go to a college that has a business school and get an undergraduate degree in business management. You could minor in engineering.

Peter’s Answer

Updated Kent, Washington

Hello, Isan. The answer to your question depends upon what you really are interested in doing for a career. Most Business Majors do not get involved in the technical aspects of engineering. They obtain a Business Degree and proceed with their career. I assume from your question that you are interested in a business career with a strong relationship to some branch of engineering, like mechanical or computer engineering. If this is the case, I suggest that you get your undergraduate degree in an engineering discipline, perhaps with a Business Minor. Work a few years in an entry-level position in the Engineering Field to obtain some practical knowledge. You can then pursue a Masters in Business (MBA) to hone your business skills. There are many MBA programs and many of them are tailored for working people, with night and weekend classes.

Good luck, Pete Sturtevant, P.E.