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Saeran’s Avatar
Saeran Feb 16 162 views

Do you need on the job training for mechanical engineering? And if so, how much?

I am a high school student and I am thinking about going into mechanical engineering as a career, I'm just trying to get more information about it overall.

Evelyn’s Avatar
Evelyn Aug 10, 2023 288 views

How do I know what classes to take to get on the right path to being an engineer?

How do I become an engineer in the first place? It seems hard to learn what classes to take in the future. I just need some help on what classes to take and how to pass in the future as an engineer.

Kyle’s Avatar
Kyle Jul 19, 2023 247 views

What are some extracurricular activities I can do in Florida to help me become an aerospace engineer

I live in orlando florida and I want the activities to be near me

Z’s Avatar
Z May 12, 2023 2370 views

UC Irvine vs UC San Diego?

I want to major in CS or something engineering related and am choosing between UC Irvine and UC San Diego. Pros/cons of both?

Efrain’s Avatar
Efrain May 04, 2023 222 views

Why did you pick that career What do you like about it? How long did your training/schooling take?

I'm a freshmen and i wanted to know how long does it take to become a civil engineer

Efrain’s Avatar
Efrain May 04, 2023 214 views

what was your motivation to become a civil engineer what classes would you recommened ??

I'm a freshmen and i want to be a civil engineer but what classes can i take?

Efrain’s Avatar
Efrain May 04, 2023 246 views

What skills prepared you for this job How long did you have to train??

hi im a freshmen and how did you train to become a civil engineer

Magali’s Avatar
Magali Mar 20, 2023 357 views

What are the most effective strategies for seeking a position in civil engineer?

Hi my name is Magali, a student at San Jose Job Corps and I'm interested in becoming in civil engineer. Thank you for your answers.

Nathaniel’s Avatar
Nathaniel Mar 03, 2023 321 views

What was the thing that drove you to be and engineer and how did you know ?

I am in 9th grade

SAI HAMSINI Feb 12, 2023 404 views

will having an online organization make you stand out in college applications ,if yes how do I build one and waht are few major issues that need solution ?

for college Im intrested in business computers and ai

Jakaila’s Avatar
Jakaila Jun 26, 2021 564 views

How can I figure this mess out?

Nobody in my family has gone to college and finished it. Talking to them about college is like talking to a wall. Google is a good substitute, but the information I've been able to glean is not satisfactory. I have absolutely no idea what I want to do for a living. #college #college-major...

Juan’s Avatar
Juan Jan 27, 2023 247 views

What kind of field do i need to work to be a airline engineer?

What education works better in this area?

Kyren’s Avatar
Kyren Dec 21, 2022 752 views

What colleges are good for a major in aerospace engineering?

I am currently in high school and I am interested in majoring in aerospace engineering. I do not really know where to begin to look for colleges to attend.

Kyle’s Avatar
Kyle Dec 09, 2022 385 views

construction managers and engineers

What skills and attitudes do you value most at the workplace and advice when chasing a junior role in the Civil and construction industry?

Lisa’s Avatar
Lisa Oct 17, 2022 726 views

Is it beneficial to minor in Architecture when majoring in Civil Engineering? Will it be of use when I join the workforce?

I am interested in the building structure aspect of civil engineering.