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Caleb G.’s Avatar
Caleb G. Caleb G. Oct 20, 2015 862 views

What are some good collages i should attend for engineering

Cause I want to choose a college that I feel like im doing the right thing and the in the right place #college...


Whitney A.’s Avatar
Whitney A. Whitney A. Oct 22, 2015 868 views

What are the most common engineer choices?

I was just wondering which choice of engineering would be most common because I know that there is so much out there but I can't decide which type to enter in the future. I am a 6th grader and I was very interested with the cool things and objects engineers get to create and do. #engineering...

#mechanics #experienced

Thomas T.’s Avatar
Thomas T. Thomas T. Oct 27, 2015 823 views

What are some companies for aeronautical engineering?

I would wish to know some companies so I can research them #engineering #aeronautical...


Wileshka  S.’s Avatar
Wileshka S. Wileshka S. Jan 21, 2016 1446 views

How do I narrow down my choices on what I want my career to be?

I'm a sophomore in high school. I like movies a lot. I acted in a few plays but, I am also interested in business, law, and art. I am very #undecided. #college #business #law #art...


Brendan V.’s Avatar
Brendan V. Brendan V. Jan 29, 2016 865 views

What exactly are college scholarships and tuition?

I've always heard people talk about college scholarships and tuition but don't know exactly what they are and i'm pretty close to college. All i know is that they help pay for college and tuition is the cost of something but what exactly?...


Brendan V.’s Avatar
Brendan V. Brendan V. Feb 04, 2016 708 views

What are the requirements for out of state colleges (Arizona State)?

My friend and I want to go to Arizona state university but don't exactly know what the requirements are because we're coming out of state. I read some of the requirements but I've also read that sometimes the requirements like GPA, ACT and SAT scores need to be higher than in state since we're...

#college #college-bound

Brendan V.’s Avatar
Brendan V. Brendan V. Feb 04, 2016 814 views

Best way to add things to your college application?

What are some things that I could add onto my college application to make me look good, I'm currently a junior in high school, not in any clubs or sports because the clubs here are kinda lame and some sports I could. I used to play soccer also but not for high school level, and I have a job is...

#college #college-bound

Davonte H.’s Avatar
Davonte H. Davonte H. Mar 01, 2016 13979 views

I'm very interested in math and science, what careers should I look into ?

I am a high school senior currently and will be moving on to college soon. There's much talk about majors and everybody seems to have a solid answer but me. I know through out the years of high school I enjoyed all of my math courses (Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, etc.) and I have...

deonte P.’s Avatar
deonte P. deonte P. Mar 01, 2016 8963 views

Which engineering career will best integrate math and visual arts

Hi My name is Deonte and I have only recently decided to pursue a career in engineering. I was told was that engineering will give me a good amount of mathematics problem solving. I always enjoyed learning new math skills and embracing the challenge of having parents that were never good at...

Ashley B.’s Avatar
Ashley B. Ashley B. Mar 02, 2016 549 views

I am interested in pursuing engineering, most likely computer engineering, I wanted to know internships available for this field? But also I wanted to also know how can I merge my passion of music with engineering as well ?

Hello, I am a senior in high school. As I soon go off to college I plan to go into the engineering field. My passion is music and dancing but I wanted to combine these passions with the field I wanted to pursue.However I am having trouble with it. I research and found that I was interested in...

#engineering #computer #internships

Omkar A.’s Avatar
Omkar A. Omkar A. Mar 10, 2016 1059 views

Hi, I am in 9th grade right, now, and I would like to go into the field of robotic medicine. What should I do as a high school freshman to prepeare for the career?

I want to go into this field because I see a really bright future for it, I want medical service to be more efficient, and I am really passionate about robotics. I took a Engineering course this year last semester, and I am currently on my school's robotic team and I am really active ( I...

#medicine #engineering

Connor G.’s Avatar
Connor G. Connor G. Mar 27, 2016 599 views

Which College is best for an engineering degree perhaps civi-engineering?

I need help looking for colleges that have a good engineering area and can offer me scholarships #college...


Jesse A.’s Avatar
Jesse A. Jesse A. Apr 25, 2016 1732 views

I thought only geeks or nerds become engineers?

Kids in class are interested in learning more about this career....


Caitlin B.’s Avatar
Caitlin B. Caitlin B. Apr 25, 2016 709 views
kumar K.’s Avatar
kumar K. kumar K. May 02, 2016 1339 views