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Anita M. Sep 05, 2016 882 views

I need help with my extracuricular activities!

Okay so highschool has started and I'm not apart of anything. I'm not in band, orchestra, sports team, theater or anything else. Club rush is coming up and I'm planning on joining a few clubs and being on the academic decathlon team. But, I feel like if I only join clubs in highschool the next...

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Jermaine W. Oct 26, 2016 529 views

Are you able to work towards college of pharmacy credits while in school for your bachelor's?

I am asking because I would like to be a pharmacist, and I know that there is a lot of schooling involved. I was wondering because I heard of pre-pharmacy tracks that could be done while getting your bachelor's. #college-major #pharmacists #pharmaceuticals...


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Luka G. Nov 09, 2016 551 views

Are there any classes that a high school student can take in high school that would benefit them if they are thinking of becoming a judge?

I'm a sophomore in high school. I heard that my school has a Criminal Justice class. Would it benefit an individual to take this class if they are thinking of studying law? What other classes can a high school student take to prepare for future? #college-major #law #criminal-justice #justice...

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Eric Z. Nov 23, 2016 605 views

How do I transfer colleges?

I'm a current high school student. I was just curious how the process might be to transfer from a school to a better one that I might not be able to get into from high school. #college #college-admissions #college-selection...


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Esther C. Jan 03, 2017 493 views

Does commuting strip a person of their college experience?

My sister who is a dormer has always lamented to me how important it is to dorm and move away from home. She emphasized on the key phrase "college experience." Instead of listening to her, I am opting to commute because of the internships available for my major in the city. I am wondering if...

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Abdulwahab A. Jan 14, 2017 834 views
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Mounia M. Feb 22, 2017 471 views

What should a college senior make sure they have done before they graduate?

Which resources should I make sure I take advantage of before I graduate? #college...


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Caleb B. Feb 22, 2017 464 views

how can you releaf strees when working

Hi I am Caleb and I get stressed out a lot and I need help when working how can I get stres release easy during working...


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Luke F. Feb 22, 2017 579 views

so how do you get a good job a McDonald's

so how do you get a good job a McDonald's...


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Nadia B. Feb 23, 2017 633 views

Is a small college better than a big college?

I'm applying for college and I'd like more insight on the advantages and drawbacks of both small and large campuses. #college #highschool...


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Ayomide O. Mar 14, 2017 379 views

How can fraternities positively affect your career

I'm a student at Towson university interested in joining omega psi phi fraternity...

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Ena W. Mar 15, 2017 513 views

How to be a good entrepreneur?

As a business student, my dream is having a company by myself....


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Irma H. Mar 17, 2017 568 views

Where is a good place to look for summer internships which are science related?

I am a second year chemistry student on a 4 year integrated masters course and all the internships are aimed at penultimate year students. I am really unsure where to look? #internships #research #chemistry #academic-advising...


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Angela A. Mar 27, 2017 556 views

What qualities best work with being a marriage and family counselor?

I am not that great at giving people advice but I have a really strong passion for wanting to help marriages or families in trouble. I'd like to do whatever I can ( ethically) to assist these individuals, couples, and any others to be fulfilling but right now I'm just not strong in that area....

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W. C. Y. Apr 02, 2017 914 views

What are your thoughts on the state of the media marketing field, and the future of it?

Is it considered a rather new industry in the society? Can this industry still be developed in the coming decade? Are there too many people entering this profession these days? #social-media #media...