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Where is a good place to look for summer internships which are science related?

Asked Birmingham, Alabama

I am a second year chemistry student on a 4 year integrated masters course and all the internships are aimed at penultimate year students. I am really unsure where to look? #internships #research #chemistry #academic-advising #research-and-development

2 answers

Cristina’s Answer

Updated Madrid, Community of Madrid, Spain

hello! there are some websites that might help you find an internship in your field. http://www.irishjobs.ie/Graduate-chemistry-Jobs



On these sites you can also find worldwide internships that you might also find interesting, as well as financial planning.

Good luck with your search!

Jill’s Answer

Updated Manvel, Texas

Most colleges have a job site for students. You can look here first. Also, find out if you degree requires an internship. If so, you college of science will help you with this. Talk to your advisor. LinkedIn is a good site for internships as will as many other job related sites such as Indeed. You can also look to those in your network for summer jobs related to science. If you have 60 hours of college, you can also substitute teach. I hope this helps. Good luck!