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What advice do you have for an upcoming chemist/ chemistry teacher?

Asked Parma, Ohio

i want to know if this is a field many go into, and what the benefits and the disadvantages are in either of these positions. #chemistry #teacher #education #research

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Tamasyn’s Answer


As a teacher myself I can honestly say that maths and science are hugely underrepresented and there is ALWAYS a huge need for teachers of these subjects. You would easily get jobs in the UK, NZ, Australia with a chemistry teaching qualification. I don’t know about the US but I imagine it would be similar. If you want to teach at high school you could either get a chemistry degree and then a teaching diploma, or a straight teaching degree. Otherwise you’d need a Masters and probably PhD to teach at university.

Tamasyn recommends the following next steps:

  • Chemistry degree, then...
  • Apply for teaching scholarship to teachers college due to schools needing science teachers, there should be scholarships around - there are in NZ. OR
  • Masters to teach at university.
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