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How do interview/apply for an internship in healthcare?

Updated Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I am currently a freshman Biology student who wants to do an internship with a healthcare company. Where should I start? #healthcare #job-application

2 answers

Jill’s Answer

Updated Manvel, Texas

As a freshman, it may be hard to get a "true" internship. However, depending on the medical field you plan on pursuing, you could look for part time employment in a dental office or medical office. Many pharmacies also hire part time workers. They may even help you with obtaining a pharm tech certificate. All you need to do is take a test in some states. Check it out. Good luck!

Andria’s Answer

Updated Woodbridge Township, New Jersey

Find a non profit organization that is looking for summer help in your area. call the local hospitals and see if there are opprotunities they are aware of. Every community has an in home service and they need lots of help. just go on monster or linked in and put in what you are looking for and there should be several items for you to look at. Local job fairs are a great way to learn about opprotunities.

good luck